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We at J & J Custom Tree Service will admit it: We are more than tree huggers; we are tree lovers. But, even we understand that sometimes trees simply have to come down. They may have become damaged or diseased or could be in the way of making the most of the land around them.

Regardless of the reason, we at J & J Custom Tree Service can provide you with the safest and most affordable tree removal in Houston, TX. Our expert team does great work at a great price because it has the experience and the equipment to handle any tree of any size, anywhere.

When you call on us at J & J Custom Tree Service for tree work, we will survey the tree or trees in question and establish a safe area where we can keep the limbs until we dispose of them. Then, we will use our bucket trucks, cranes, and other equipment to dismantle the tree, taking care not to cause collateral damage, even to the sod beneath.

Our team finishes the job by completely cutting and grinding the limbs to dispose of the remains. We also can leave you with lumber for firewood.

Our tree service also includes complete stump removal services. Tree stumps, if left where they are, can be a foot-traffic problem and block the movement of lawn equipment. They also can play host to termites and critters of the three-legged variety.

Our stump removal process can reach anywhere to grind the stump below the ground level. Then, we will backfill the hole and leave you with a flat surface and a load of beneficial mulch.

When it comes time for that tree to go, call on the tree removal specialists at J & J Custom Tree Service. We serve the entire Houston area with quality service that puts safety first.