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Trees are a major focal point in any yard. They provide more than shade and a place for a tree house. They also can bring an overwhelming beauty that has no parallel. That is, they can unless your trees have become overgrown and scraggly. They may have odd limbs sticking out in a strange angle or be reaching too close to the ground. For the best tree shaping in Houston, TX, you can rely on the artisans at J & J Custom Tree Service.

Our team of tree pruning specialists have years of experience providing just the right amount of cutting so that your tree will better fit in your landscape. We can provide tree topping and properly maintain your trees, so they will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Among our other tree care services, we can provide the following:

• Palm Tree Trimming
• Lot Clearing
• Tree Planting
• Under Brushing
• Debris Removal
• And More

We at J & J Custom Tree Service are proud to be the one so many in the Houston area turn to for the correct maintenance of their valuable trees. Our tree pruning service not only will shape your tree, but also free it to continue to grow in health. We can provide fertilization services and can thin trees to allow more sunlight to reach the plants below.

When you contact with us, our team will arrive as per your schedule with the equipment they need to perform the job you require. They will inspect the tree and only make the necessary cuts. When you have approved of their work, they will make certain to return your property to its original, pristine condition.

For tree pruning and shaping that will make your trees works of art, contact the pros at J & J Custom Tree Service in Houston, TX. Reach out to us for a tree inspection and free estimate.