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Everyone needs a good trim now and then. So do your trees. If your trees have overgrown their place, contact us at J & J Custom Tree Service for the most precise tree trimming in Houston, TX.

At J & J Custom Tree Service, our affordable and reliable tree care service include all your tree needs to grow and thrive, whether it needs nutrients from fertilization, pest control, or a trim. Our tree cutting specialists are adept at providing for any trimming need:

• Vision—We can cut limbs that are in the way of a view from a window or that are blocking the view for drivers.
• Safety—Our experts can remove limbs that are growing dangerously over roofs, parking areas, or other structures. They are on call to provide broken limb removal after storms.
• Wires—We frequently are called upon to cut back limbs that are becoming tangled in overhead wires.
• Disease—We can identify limbs that have been affected by disease or insects and remove them, leaving the rest of the tree as a healthy specimen.

We at J & J Custom Tree Service know that you will want to find a tree trimming company that you can trust to use all safety precautions and do the job right. We urge you to ask friends and neighbors whom they would recommend. Take a look at their online reviews and get a number of price quotes, if possible.

Then, call us at J & J Custom Tree Service. Find out why so many in the Houston area turn to us for quality, safe tree trimming. Contact us for a free estimate.